Why Genuine Parts

Purchasing Cleaver-Brooks Genuine Parts is the best way to keep your boiler system operating at peak performance.  Genuine parts are precision engineered to fit your boiler, and they are rigorously tested for quality to ensure your boiler system continues to run safely and reliably.  Non-genuine parts often wear faster, can damage other parts of your boiler system, and may invalidate your equipment warranty.

While initial costs may make non-genuine parts seem appealing, there are several reasons why choosing genuine parts over knock-off ones is the best decision in the long run.

Superior Quality and Performance
Cleaver-Brooks operates a dedicated industry leading research and development facility with many of our components specifically engineered to ensure our products remain high quality, efficient and safe.  Buying Cleaver-Brooks Genuine Parts for your boiler will optimize its performance and ensure the longest life possible.  Also, our genuine parts are built in the same factories on the same production lines as our equipment.

Manufacturers of non-genuine parts try to reverse engineer our parts by copying them as best they can, but the parts fall short in fit, form and/or function.  In addition, non--genuine parts may be manufactured with sub-standard materials, sacrificing both equipment reliability and safety.

System Compatibility
Most of today’s boiler systems are technologically advanced, equipped with sensors and smart monitoring devices that provide data regarding operating conditions.  Making sure all boiler components work together harmoniously is key.  Cleaver-Brooks offers a fully integrated boiler system.  Our engineers ensure all of a system’s components fit together seamlessly, so replacing any part with a knock-off part can compromise the integrity of the system.

Reverse engineered knock-off parts inherently do not poses the characteristics of the original intent of our specifically engineered parts.  They can be made with sub-standard materials, provide limited durability, and may pose a safety risk to your property and personnel if applied outside the original product specifications.   

Buying genuine parts from Cleaver-Brooks or from an authorized Cleaver-Brooks representative maintains your product warranty.  Non-genuine parts are not licensed by Cleaver-Brooks and installing these parts can invalidate your equipment warranty.   

Understand that some knock-off parts come with a limited window warranty.  These inferior non-genuine parts may cause unintended longer term damage to the equipment and other system components.   

When you purchase a Cleaver-Brooks boiler system, you purchase the best and most durable product in the industry. Make sure you keep it running safely and reliably at peak operating efficiency by always purchasing Cleaver-Brooks Genuine Parts.