Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I got a notification that my order shipped but it hasn't arrived. Now it is showing as Returned to Sender. What's going on?

There are a number of different reasons a package might be returned to sender instead of getting to its intended destination. The most common reason we see is that shipping addresses entered during checkout are not entered as they need to be for smooth delivery. 

Please make sure when entering your shipping address that you list the street address on Address Line 1 and any additional details on Address Line 2. 

An address entered like the one below is almost definitely going to be returned:

John Smith Industries
Suite 5 / ATTN Mary Jones
1100 Random Road
Misc Town, CB 12345

Instead, make sure to enter your address like the one below:

John Smith Industries
1100 Random Road
Suite 5 / ATTN Mary Jones
Misc Town, CB 12345

This should help ensure your package makes its way to you on time and without further delays.

My company is tax-exempt, how can I make sure I don't get charged tax on my order(s)?

Visit our Request Terms page for instructions on how to have your account updated to tax-exempt status.

I found the part I need, but it isn't giving me an option to add it to my cart. Am I able to purchase this part?

Some of the parts listed on our website are shown for informational purposes but might not be directly purchaseable. Any parts shown on our site that do not feature an Add to Cart button will need to be purchased through your Local Authorized Representative.

Don't know who your Local Representative is? No problem! Visit our Find A Rep page here.

I have a question relating to my warranty.

For warranty return requests, please contact your local Authorized Representative.

Don't know who your local Representative is? No problem! Visit our Find A Rep page here.

I received the wrong part(s) / no longer need the part(s) I ordered. How can I make a return?

Need to return something purchased on this site and shipped within the last 30 days? 

If you have an account, log in to review your order history, select the appropriate order for the part(s) you wish to return. Using the Request Return (RMA) button on the top of the page, complete the required information and submit your request. Our customer service will contact you with your return authorization number and instructions to complete the return.

Completed your order via our guest checkout? Please contact customer service directly at 1-800-250-5883 or to process your return.

I only received part of my order, what should I do?

If you have received an incomplete shipment, please contact customer service directly at 1-800-250-5883 or to remedy the error.

I have a shipping account with UPS / FedEx / etc. Can I use my account for my order(s)?

Shipping is automatically calculated based on your selections during checkout. For this reason, we cannot honor customers' shipping accounts with UPS or other service providers.

My company is based outside of the United States / Canada. Am I able to use this website to purchase the part(s) I need?

Our site is currently only able to take orders from customers based in the United States and Canada. Any customers from outside of these countries will need to work with the CB Local Authorized Representative for the appropriate customer territory. Not sure who your Local Authorized Representative is? Click here!

Can't find your Local Authorized Representative? Contact our Genuine Parts International Inside Sales Specialist, Rose Garcia, at

Learn more about ordering parts internationally here.

Have another question? Let us know! Reach out to Cleaver-Brooks Genuine Parts Customer Service for additional assistance.