Who sets regulations and rules for emissions? How does that relate to boilers? What is regulated and how is Cleaver-Brooks meeting/exceeding those?

Emissions regulations are typically set by governmental agencies at the national or regional level, such as the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) or the European Union (EU). These regulations aim to limit the amount of pollutants that can be emitted by various sources, including boilers, in order to protect public health and the environment.

Boilers are one of the significant sources of emissions, particularly of nitrogen oxides (NOx), sulfur oxides (SOx), and carbon monoxide (CO). These emissions can contribute to air pollution, acid rain, and climate change.

Cleaver-Brooks is a manufacturer of boilers and related equipment and has been actively working to meet and exceed emissions regulations. The company has developed a range of technologies that can help reduce emissions, including low NOx burners, flue gas recirculation, and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems.

For example, Cleaver-Brooks' ProFire-E series of low NOx burners can reduce NOx emissions by up to 50% compared to standard burners. The company's C2X-HE condensing economizer can also help to reduce emissions by recovering waste heat and increasing boiler efficiency.

Cleaver-Brooks also offers boilers that meet or exceed various emissions regulations, such as the EPA's Boiler MACT (Maximum Achievable Control Technology) regulations and the EU's Industrial Emissions Directive. These regulations set limits on the amount of pollutants that can be emitted by boilers, and require facilities to install pollution control equipment to meet these limits.

Overall, emissions regulations are important for protecting public health and the environment, and Cleaver-Brooks is working to meet and exceed these regulations by developing new technologies and offering boilers and equipment that help to reduce emissions.


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Purchasing Cleaver-Brooks Genuine Parts is the best way to keep your boiler system operating at peak performance. Genuine parts are precision engineered to fit your boiler, and they are rigorously tested for quality to ensure your boiler system continues to run safely and reliably. Non-genuine parts often wear faster, can damage other parts of your boiler system, and may invalidate your equipment warranty. Protect your investment and ensure the integrity of your equipment for years to come by working with your Local Authorized Representative or purchasing Cleaver-Brooks Genuine Parts online.